Hi I’m Eli, a UI/UX designer and front-end developer – currently working as a product lead helping to build an early stage start-up from concept through to growth mode. I enjoy leading, but I’m also happy  working independently and immersing myself in working out a problem. I’m highly business-minded and process-driven, having successfully run my own agency and launched a SaaS start-up.

Throughout my career I’ve found I really enjoy problem solving. I have a growth mindset and thrive when learning about new industries, new business challenges and getting to the core of an issue. I’m a highly empathetic person, and am passionate about products and businesses that contribute to the betterment of the planet and the human race.

My core strength lies in UI/UX design and front-end development, but I believe one of my key assets is my ability to quickly adapt-learn, and rise to new challenges. This has come as a result of years of varied experience from working independently as well as in teams, working remotely as well as in-house, running my own businesses, as well as working for brands and agencies – along with my ability to work across both creative and technical spheres.

I’m business-minded. I started and ran a successful agency (DeRepublica) for 5 years, and launched and grew my own SaaS product Merit. Business strategy and process is always at the forefront for me. This experience has also given me the ability to confidently lead and work well with clients, stakeholders, designers and developers. 

My curiosity in different crafts has also led me to become proficient across design and also front-end development. I have the ability to design and develop pixel perfect prototypes with production ready visual mark-up. This intersection of skills also helps tremendously when working with engineers.

Outside of work, I’m happiest outdoors spending most of my spare time in the ocean in some shape or form, whether it be surfing, diving or fishing. I also love learning new skills and working with my hands, and have been known to enthusiastically jump into a restoration project head-first. I recently rebuilt a classic Australian offshore boat from rewiring and fiberglassing through to paint.