Video production is usually a complicated process to plan and estimate; we set out to rebrand this video production company with a startup approach from branding through to business design. We turned a service based business into a product based business with easy to understand product categories and pricing structures.

I took We Know Video from strategy to branding, UI/UX design, through to development (HTML/ CSS/ Javascript/ WordPress) and live. Another important aspect was the configuration of goals, tracking, adwords setup and integrations with various third party systems.

Responsive Approach

We Know Video was designed and built with a mobile first approach, responding flawlessly from mobile through to desktop sizes. With parts of the site being very grid heavy I relied on CSS Grid Layout now a widely supported option.

Balancing SEO, Design and Business Goals

From inception WKV was designed and built with business goals in mind. Design aesthetics needed to be balanced with information architecture and SEO. The layout needed to inspire but importantly it needed to convert into inquiries and house a solid amount of content to help with search engine rankings.

Marketing Automation – Process Driven

WKV needed to scale and run like clockwork behind the scenes, this required service design – integrations with a CRM system, Slack, Typeform, Appointment Booking Systems, Chatbot and pitch document software.

Outcome & Notes

Despite launching during COVID WKV increased it’s conversion rate by 8.97% within the first month. Since launch with SEO optimisations, regular adjustments to UX and content creation the site has moved to 13th position in google search results from 43rd; a big effort in a very crowded search space.

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